Nick Ellison

Nick Ellison

MEng (Hons) MIET

Founder & Managing Director at Purr, Entrepreneur, Consultant and Maker

I’m Nick Ellison, the founder, and Managing Director at Purr. Having founded and sold my first tech company in 2011, I spent some time consulting and freelancing on development projects – but the workload and customers kept coming: hence Purr.

We’ve grown from a specialist web and app development agency (Purr Digital) into a wider group offering tech advisory and management services (Purr Consulting) as well as incubating and launching our own products (Purr Ventures).

Whilst I don’t get to write code that often anymore, I still try and keep my eye in on the latest technologies to stay ahead of the curve. Since 2013 I’ve built a team of expert coders and project managers with the same qualities that I’d like to think I started with – capable of talking to and being understood by clients. I love learning from these guys and seeing them develop. My day to day job now involves overseeing the Ops and Sales teams, driving process improvement and communicating strategy.

When I’m not in the office I love making things with my hands – woodworking & cabinet making, electronics, gadget hacking, etc. I’ll probably be gushing about my latest build if we meet.

I’m always interested to hear from companies developing internal software, or taking the next step with their online presence.

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