Nick Ellison

Nick Ellison

MEng (Hons) MIET

Founder & Managing Director at Purr, digital technology consultant, software developer, and entrepreneur

I’m Nick Ellison, a digital technology consultant, software developer and entrepreneur.

My main gig is as the founder and Managing Director at Purr. Purr is a digital technology consultancy that offers onshore (UK) web, app, and mobile development services. I also act as de facto Technical Director for a number of creative and marketing agencies in London, advising on digital projects and sales and operational processes. In the past I’ve worked in both agency and professional services environments, and try to bring something from each world to any discussion.

My belief is that digital doesn’t only benefit marketing teams, and that technology shouldn’t be relegated to an IT department. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t take advantage of the cost efficiencies, sustainability benefits and innovation incentives that adoption of digital offers. My goal is to build a culture in my clients’ businesses of digital being a consideration at every level and in all teams and departments.

I’m an investor and cofounder in two spinoff startups, Social Pops and iGiving, and joint-owner of The Old Rectory, Cradley – an events and wedding venue.

I’m always interested to hear from agencies that struggle to make a profit on digital projects, startups looking to bring agency experience into their teams, companies developing internal software,  or taking the next step with their online presence.




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We're always looking for new client introductions. Even if you're not in the digital world, you might know companies that need our services.

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